'06 pale pink box & '04 lilac mini classique on e-bay

  1. ohhhh i love the lilac mini....:heart:
  2. the mini lilac has gorgeous leather!
    very very pretty...i'd so buy it but it's abit small for what I usually carry.
  3. The leather on the Pink Box looks wonderful!
  4. Ohh i like that mini!! so cute!
  5. Love that mini lilac! Hope to get something "mini" someday. Is this style discontinued?
  6. Hi sweetie, this style has been discontinued... =)
  7. Awww... Thanks for posting Bama! :tender: You're the sweetest! *Hugs* :heart:
  8. you're welcome sweetie, i've got the black mini & i love it :love:...i took it to "the who" concert last month & it was perfect!!!
  9. Aw, those are so cute. I love those colors.
  10. It is? Thanks Dancing_Queen! Why didn't I venture into B bags a few years ago.:crybaby:
  11. Gosh I can't believe it that no one bidded for the lilac mini! I had 20 over people watching and heaps enquired!!! Oh well...
  12. ^^Aw Dancing Queen, are you going to relist it? I'm sure someone wanted it but miss out on bidding. :Push:
  13. Hmm I'm not sure Pewter! There are heaps of people enquiring. LOL... =)
  14. Alright. I've officially disowned both bags. LOL.