06 Olive Leather Quality

  1. I don't own any Balenciagas so I need your help! How does the leather look on this one. For those of you that own newer bags, are you finding that the leather becomes softer, less crackly, and less shiny over time? This bag looks a bit crackly but i'm not sure if that's the way they come...if that's the way they come now then I understand and will still want one of these fabulous bags. Please help! If anyone has pictures of this newer olive 06 leather, I would looove to see. Thanks!

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  2. I have this bag in the City size. It is the Amande or Origan color. Mine was really shiny and crackley when I got it, and has really smoothed out with use. The more you use it and toss it around, the better it gets broken in. Very pretty bag, btw!
  3. Thanks tln! Glad to hear your response :wlae: Yes, the bag is 06 light olive origan/amande. The color fits in really well with my wardrobe and skin color (at least I think it does.) I am a medium/dark tone, I would say a little darker than tyra banks or janet jackson (don't get me wrong I DO NOT look like these beautiful women :wtf: ) ha... anyways, what do you ladies think about this color for me?
  4. BagFreak2 I have an Origan Twiggy, shown here before and after conditioner treatment. When I first got it in the mail, I was in a bit of a shock of its ultra crackly outlook but luckily after some massage and conditioner, it's smooth and soft and yummy looking :yahoo:

    edited to add : the Origan First is beautiful, (by ElisabethThomas?) I wouldn't consider it crackly, more like veiny... hmm... I like :P:love:
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  5. Sounds like a fit, to me! I think it is a really versatile color that can be worn year round, too!
  6. Thanks tln. Whoa Soleil! The leather on your twiggy is what I am looking for. It doesn't look shiny or crackly. I definately see the difference before and after conditioning. Did you use the apple guard I hear about so much? The leather on your twiggy looks so different from the one in the picture of the First I included. If I get this bag, I hope I can "love" it enough to change the leather :rolleyes: . Thanks again for both of your responses!
  7. [​IMG]here is my origan weekender. it get better and better with continued use. also alot of girls have minimized veiny bags with appleguard/lubriderm treatments. search bal subforum with those words and names like winona, roo, didi, and you should see some amazing transformations on their bags.
  8. what kind of colours can this origan bag be paired with? i have this bag in the twiggy style and it seems hard to find colours that bring out the green.
  9. a, i like it with pink.:supacool:
  10. ooo ur bag looks soft and I love the color even more now. Thanks for the pic chaussurewhore!!

    andrewcbho, one of the reasons I love this color is because I think it works with a lot of other colors. You could wear it with pinks, reds, burgundy, browns, blacks, orange, yellow, white, tan, pastels. I think the color looks great with jeans! Once you start using your bag more, you will see that almost everything looks great with the color! Hope this helps :upsidedown: :roflmfao:
  11. BagFreak2, i've got 2 s/s '06 origan bags (the courier & work) & the leather is totally amazing on both of them :tender:
  12. sorry... forgot to check this thread earlier...:shame: I used Lubriderm on my Origan Twiggy, but used Apple Conditioner for my Lilac Box. Both gave similar result :yes:
  13. I always wear black with my Origan Twiggy :P
  14. chaussurewhore, every time you post this pic, this thought keeps popping into my mind --> "may I move in with you?" The scenery is soooooo beautiful!:nuts::tender:
  15. Soleil, that is a beautiful color for the twiggy. I really love that. I have seen that color on I believe it was a City but it somehow looked different.