06 Marron or 07 Cafe?

  1. I recently ordered my first Work bag (should be here any minute now!!). I wanted to know your thoughts on these 2 colors. I ordered Marron (also known as olive brown) but soon after I realized I forgot about Cafe. Anyone have a preference? Or a suggestion for the Work style? I already have camel and black (yes, really exciting, I know)!
  2. I've seen both in real life...and I think I prefer the marron 06! But both are very dark and rich browns and both are lovely colors! I think the cafe does have more of a slightly reddish undertone that the marron doesn't.
  3. I've seen both as well and I prefer the Cafe. The Marron is quite a dark "muddy" and cold brown whereas the Cafe is really dark and rich with warm undertones. All down to personal preference and both colours are great - I just prefer Cafe :yes:
  4. I returned my Marron Day and just purchased a Cafe day. It's a much richer deeper brown. I prefer it to the Marron (dark olive)
  5. ^^^ITA
    I have an 06 Marron First...which is a cool, ashy brown. I saw the pix on this site of the Cafe and melted -- it's so rich and golden. A completely different color.

    So now I'm on the list for a Cafe Twiggy.
  6. Highglossfinish you took the words out of my mouth. Ashy is exactly what I was looking for. I'd love to see your twiggy. I almost ordered that instead of my day but I just love the day. :yes:
  7. :roflmfao: Yes, "ashy" is a much nicer way of describing Marron than my word "muddy"...........:shame: :yes:
  8. Z&J, Kim at BalNY said the Cafe Twiggy might be in early next week. I will let you know and will borrow a camera to post pix.