'06 Lilac Work

  1. OMG, Zac where are you?:shrugs: Here is your Lilac Work. Hurry!:heart:
  2. ^^ gals, i think that's ink (?) :shrugs:
  3. Do you think these are stock photo's or the actual bag?
  4. BAMA~ you may be right! I don't know!:shrugs:
  5. Zacorey, that's definitely Ink...Elizabeth Thomas has had a lilac Work available for a while...did you see that one?
  6. Wow, you might be right because on my computer screen looks more purple than Lilac.:shrugs:
  7. Yes~ it's INK!:flowers: :heart: The seller doesn't know what color it's called and she said it looks like dark purple. BUMMER! It's really pretty though! Yes, I see ET lilac work. I'm deciding.
  8. Oh, hmm, it looked too light to me to be ink, but maybe it is!

    It's possible they use a photo tent to take their pics. They come out looking all nice like stock photos. Cause I don't think those look like stock pics taken from any site...
  9. Thanks Pewter!!!!
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