06 Lilac Twiggy currently $449

  1. Dark handles :yucky:
  2. The handles are also splotched!! Too bad!:sad:
  3. Ehh yeah, it's not so nice. :sad:
  4. Does it really look that bad to you guys? I just want to know two things - Does it look authentic and can it be cleaned? This would be my first bbag and I don't know as much as you wonderful ladies/gentlemen do and I trust your judgement.
  5. It's authentic... but it's "FAIR used condition" do you mind that? It can be cleaned some, but I bet she has already cleaned it as much as she could before listing it. You can't really do much about the darkened handles though. I do like how non-veiny this lilac is though. I think she's conditioned it.
  6. I just really like this color and style. All I have to go on are pictures because I haven't seen a new one IRL. I'm going to look it again and think it over. I also saw a black motorcycle bag on ebay, but i can't tell if it's authentic or not. The price seems reasonable. Thanks for your help I really appreciate it!!!
  7. The price is great~the bag is not in bad condition. It looks worn.but it doesn't look mistreated. Go for it kristabelle if you love it!! Lilac is a gorgeous color!!
  8. It's definitely authentic and a trustworthy seller too!!
  9. Thanks I'm going to go for it! This will be my first attempt at using ebay. Wish me luck!! Thanks for your help.
  10. did anyone buy items form this seller? I think the prices are a little bit high in this seller.