06 Lilac Still available?

  1. This is my first to post thread in this website, because I am afraid my english is too poor. But, I very very like 06 Lilac RH city or work. I hope anyone can help me. Besides, I really like this forum because it not only share all BBag lovers' habdbag, but also provide many useful information, like price, waitlist time, color, bbag owners' feeling, and so on. :tup: (Hope you understand my english)

  2. You're most likely to find one on eBay. There probably are not any left in stores. Read through the "authenticate this" threads and learn about how to identify a real vs. fake bag. Always be very careful on eBay--- there are some very nice, honest sellers but also there are people who will scam you.
  3. Boboscat, welcome!

    Please don't worry about your english *and you're fine!:smile:
    Here on this wonderful forum, everyone helps each other!
    For me too, english is not my first language, but I just try my best and if I make mistake, I hope everyone will correct me so I can learn from my mistake :p

    Back to the topic, your chance is most likely be fleabay..
    Here is one that's up on listing now..
    Please do check them out on the Authenticate thread beforehand..
  4. Thank you, goldilocks10023 and aki_sato. I will try to find it on eBay. And, I also try to connect with the ebay seller which aki_sato give me.:smile:
  5. awww! I am also looking for a BBag in Lilac..

    I know this is out of the topic, but I just want to sneak a question regarding the difference between a "motorcycle city" vs the "city" bag. Is there a difference? I am new to BBags and I don't think I see a thread about it. If there is one, pls let me know.

    Thanks much!
  6. twochubbycheeks>> nope, no difference between the two! it's balenciaga's "motorcycle" line and the style is the "city." HTH!
  7. There actually a couple on ebay

  8. Thanks for the confirmation, pluiee!!! :okay: