06 Lilac Shrug 06 Sp $9.99

  1. how much would a fair price for that? i asked the seller, but the seller is asking me for my price? no idea at all!! :P
  2. 1 .5 hours left and only $400!
  3. I absolutely adore the lilac! Good luck!
  4. Someone got a bargain!
  5. Did someone here get this bag? That was a great price.
  6. i was outbidded with just more than an hour left :sad:
  7. the pics were stolen!!! so whomever got the bag and your a PFr make sure you inspect it well!
  8. ^oh really?? gosh! i'm so glad I didn't win then! The seller seemed nice though :sad:
  9. how do you know they were stolen?
  10. Those pics weren't stolen, perhaps someone else stole hers?
  11. Oh no. :sad: Hope it goes ok...
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