06 Lilac Shoulder on Overstock $529

  1. ohhhhh this is torture! haha i lov eit!
  2. :sweatdrop: I saw that, and I had to pry myself away so I didn't put it in my cart... Don't need small bags right now, only practical ones for school/work... *Must repeat*... sigh....
  3. Will they let you use the $60 coupon toward the Shoulder?
  4. I think so, I even tried to put that in my cart, the $60
    was deducted. I removed it later. I really don't need a small bag either.
  5. I put it in my cart just to see and it's still the same price.
  6. Look at the checkout summary, you will find there is $60 deduction from the total. Good luck!

  7. THe $60 isn't a code. You need to go through this link and it's $60 off ANY $500 purchase. The bag comes to $476ish

  8. is it my monitor or this color is just awful?
  9. Thanks fo letting us know Z&J! It would make a really cute clutch IMO:yes:
  10. If I didn't already have a fun color shoulder it would have been mine. I could really use a black or grey shoulder.
  11. Thanks Z&J for the link!