'06 LILAC MADNESS... look what I found today

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  1. I've been struggling all night to get my camera working and these are not the best pics, but I have to show you what I found today.

    My SA from Barney's told me he had this lilac classique in the back stockroom and he wanted me to look at it. So like the sucker that I am, I went and brought it home with me. :lol:

    As I said, the pics are not the best- but the leather on this bag LOOKS like the older Bal bags. It's really weird. We held it side by side with another '06 lilac classique and the leather on the other one looked thinner, veinier and super shiny. This one does not. Of course my first fear after getting it home and thinking about it is that it's a super fake someone swapped that found it's way into Barney's stock :P I sure as heck hope not... :blink: :heart:

    You can't tell from the pics but the color is a really nice shade of purple, a bit darker than the really shiny one we compared it to... I took the first one with the flash (it's not in natural light) and the rest without. The second one is so you can see the texture.

    What is the verdict of the experts??? After I get a few comments, I'll also share with you why I've taken to referring to this bag as my 'jailbird bag' :P It has all the tags attached but I am seriously wondering if someone carried this for a while and softened it up and then returned it? VERY ODD!!!

  2. It's very pretty! So glad you found a gem :smile: congratulations!!!!!
  3. Mimi,

    Does it look all right to you? I am soo nervous even with Barney's after the Bluefly fiasco. I just cannot BELIEVE someone did not buy this bag.
  4. it looks beautiful to me, roo :heart: enjoy!!!!! :love:
  5. Thanks Mimi. I call it my jailbird bag because my brother, the black sheep of the family, recently repaid me money I loaned him for BAIL about a year ago.. :rolleyes: never thought I'd see that DOUGH again... so I used it to bail this little girl out of the back stockroom at Barney's.. hee hee
  6. :lol: that is the funniest and CUTEST story ever -- you'll never forget it! AND now you have your lilac, and don't have to worry! :smile:
  7. ^LOL!
    Roo, this is the first lilac bag I've seen which has none of that marbly, shiny look that we normally see! It is gorgeous!!! Congratulations on finding such a beauty!!! :heart: :heart:
    (I have been looking for a lilac twiggy, and if I can find one as pretty as yours, well then my wallet's in trouble!) ​
  8. Thanks everyone!!! :heart:

    The Barney's store in Seattle only had two classiques- this one and the super shiny one. I wish I'd had a camera so you could have seen how different they looked side by side. I will try to get another photo of the bag in better light tomorrow. (My camera's battery has not been holding a charge so I need to have it looked at, I am not sure what the problem is)

    Barney's had a Twiggy in lilac but it was super shiny too... I think Joseph at Bal NY might be your best bet. He seems to have a good eye.
  9. Well if I'm good for anything it's comic relief.... :P

    When my brother was thrown in jail, he called me collect, begging me to get him out. Bear in mind I am 800 miles away... AND I work with the courts/law enforcement myself... :rolleyes:

    So when he called me, this is what the caller ID said:


    I guess I have a dry sense of humor but I laughed and laughed when I saw that on there, and HAD to get a photo of it. (My bro laughed later when he saw it too).

    And you, my kind friends who are reading this, probably wonder WHAT my darling brother was thrown into the slamma-roonie for?

    He had several unpaid tickets and was driving down the street and honked his horn at a friend walking by. A police officer spotted him (unfortunately my brother and the police in my hometown are well acquainted and have been since he was about 16 :blink: ) and pulled him over. He was taken to the county lockup for the unpaid tickets and for honking his horn in a "non emergency situation". He called me from jail begging me to get him out on bond- explaining in a total panic that he had just been given a blue jumpsuit and was currently residing in "general population", sharing a cell with a rather large man named DOMINO :lol: :blink: :lol:

    So, this, my friends, is my brother's penance... a lilac handbag. :P
  10. :roflmfao: Hilarious!!!!

    That Lilac is very nice. Being blonde with blue eyes, I thought lilac might be a good color option for me too. Or a pale rose? Or origan? Maybe grenat? :love:
  11. I just hear "Alice's resturaunt" playing in the background as I read this!

    It is priceless that you took a photo of the caller id!

    I love your bag, it is appropriate that you would be having these associations...what is really great, is that when you walk down the street and women are admiring your beautiful bag and thinking you are looking so impossibly "diva", only you have to know "the rest of the story"...priceless! I love this...it's going to keep me going all day...

    Girl, you gotta write a book!
  12. You give me too much credit. Everyone has a relative like my brother. I am just shameless enough to admit it. :lol:

    In fact, I am sure many people here have even better (and funnier) stories than mine. Truth is always more interesting than fiction!!!

    The other funny part about my brother's calls from jail, that I forgot to include is this: when you call collect from jail, they make you record your name first and then the call is put through. When the person on the other end answers (after seeing the ominous "prison" showing up on the caller id) you hear a recording that says, "This is a collect call from a correctional facility from ________ (insert the name the person recorded when placing the call)". In this case, my brother did not use his real name, but said "Jailbird" instead :rolleyes:
  13. Roo, congrats on your new Lilac First! She is a beauty!!! What a find! And I love your story, lol. That "prison" caller ID is too funny:lol:.
  14. hehehe I bailed my stepson out last year-it was worse than unpaid tickets-and when I got the bail money back I went on a shopping spree that included lots of Chanel makeup and a new Movado watch for myself.
  15. Girl, we are kindred spirits!! Just THINK of the recovered bail money that's been spent on makeup, jewelry and bags? I wonder if those snooty SAs have ANY IDEA??? :lol: :lol: :lol: