06 Lilac Courier - RARE w/ BIN

  1. LAKE- how could you part with this?????
  2. :drool: This is such a rare and gorgeous bag........

    Good luck LTL!
  3. The measurements sound like an Extra Courier
  4. I was watching that auction, but when I saw one in green today I couldnt believe how big that thing was! I dont carry enough to fill a third of it!
  5. I have the courier. I have all my things inside in clutches! I have my wallet, I have one clutch for my receipts, another clutch that holds my make-up and I have my eyeglass case that holds my sunglasses. Ii's big but I love it! Nothing gets "lost" in the bag b/c everything is stored well so it's easy to find everything.
  6. Zac - I know...am I crazy? I adore the courier. I guess the color isn't really me :sad: . I keep thinking about how we didn't think the courier existed in lilac and how lucky I was to find one...but I'm on a mission to only keep bags that I'll use. So this one must go...(and will def be replaced with another courier :love: )

    And you're right - the bag is big but because it slouches, it's not tooooooooo big. It's like a day bag on steroids :lol:
  7. ^^^Yes- some lucky girl will get to own this rare color courier!!!!! I love how it drapes and I have been using mine since I got her last week! I have gotten compliments too!

    This is the only lilac courier I've seen!!! I didn't even think they made it in lilac (neither did anyone else!)
  8. awe, i'm sorry about your lilac LTL, i remember how happy you were when you found her :girlsigh:...but i'm 100% guilty of the same craziness & completely understand, especially after selling my '06 lilac work (below)...sometimes it takes a while to get your b-bag collection just right ;)...good luck with your sale sweetie, she's a beauty!!!
  9. Good luck, Livethelake! The color on this bag is great...one of the best '06 Lilacs I've seen; so pretty!
  10. :yahoo: woohoo !! This beautiful lilac courier will be on it's way home to me shortly. Can't wait:nuts:
  11. Lenabean - was that you??? I should have known you were from tPF when you asked the question about products being used on the bag :lol: .

    I'm glad she's going to a good PF home :smile: .
  12. yep! it's me!! I've learned everything I know about balenciaga from tPF. This is a wonderful site with a spectacular group of members!
  13. congrats to live and to lena on a great sale and great bag!:heart:
  14. Congrats Ladies! :smile:
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