06 LILAC CITY w/ Box BIN $1199!

  1. My '06 lilac is one that really stole my heart. The color is just beautiful!! It looks 10 times better in real than it does in the pictures on that auction.
    Here is mine:

  2. I love the color too...
  3. Lilac is definately one of my favorites. Seller could describe the condition a little better.
  4. I almost did BIN a few minutes a go until I saw that she is also selling FAKE Hermes bags! The City she's selling looks real, but I cant support sellers who sell fakes.:cursing:
  5. yes, maybe you never know if this is the real bag she's selling?? if she's selling fakes better to stay away:shrugs:
  6. hi guys...im really interested to get a lilac city...but im really not sure if this is real? i've nv bought bbag on eBay b4...kinda skeptical...opinions pls! cheers!:p
  7. That Lilac looks real, but she is selling fake Hermes bags. So be careful.
  8. they look like hermes, but she did state it in her auction it's same weight as her 'auth hermes' so i'm assuming she's trying to say they're fake in a indirect way? that's so strange, why would anyone do that unless they're trying to scam people? but she's only asking 200 for those so called hermes?
  9. hihi!yupz...i noticed that...but am not sure how to "be careful"...haha...on the other hand, do u think its rather overpriced? :smile:
  10. She's pretty clear in the description of the "birkins" that they are not authentic...and the Balenciaga looks completely authentic...
  11. Real City in the pix, but it doesnt mean that thats the one she will send. If she is selling fake Hermes, anything is possible. I reported her auctions.
  12. I agree with Donna. The picture may be real, but she could send you a fake bbag. I don't trust people that sell fake bags.