`06 Lilac City...Superchilibean

  1. I love the lilac '06 very much! Do you think this one has a lot of grey in it? I want one that's more of a true lilac!
  2. VERY pretty! Nice price too. I personally don't think it has a lot of grey in it Zacorey.
  3. I want one just like Cate22!!!!!!!!!
  4. It looks wonderful. I love this color. Go for it. :yes: I can't, sniff, have bought way too much and need to empty my closet before I add new ones. If not hubby will allow no more spending.
  5. I don't think it has alot of grey in it either....it's priced really well I think:yes:
  6. I know- it is stunning! I can't buy outside the US b/c I don't have Paypal anymore!:sad:
  7. Well, I worry about buying outside of the US.
  8. I hope she got my message about her pics being stolen yesterday.
  9. because I want my bags right away and I think they might take awhile or something might happen at customs and I won't get my bag....I dont' know I am just paranoid!
  10. If any wants a 06 Lilac City, I think BalNY still has one left...
  11. ^^^Thanks! Did you see it?
  12. Zac - it looks true lilac on my monitor :love: . BTW - have you looked into using bidpay as a substitue for paypal?