'06 legacy shoulder bag...........

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  1. I bought a whiskey '06 legacy shoulder bag on e-bay recently. I just changed to it today. I hope that I love it as much as everyone that had one last year seemed to. My question is that, those of you who have one and loved it, do you still and have you found something that you like better?
  2. I am curious to know this also. I have a Mandy that I love, but find she is a little too big for me some days. I am considering a shoulder bag ("06) and want to know everyone;s opinion. I know it is a favorite on here.
  3. I actually just got mine out the other day and fell in love all over again. I don't know how I put her up the first time.....I love this bag, I love it, I love it, I LOVE it!!! I hope you love yours too.
  4. I just bought my second 06 shoulder bag and got it today! I LOVE this bag. I have a white leather and now a khaki/gold sig. Its not too big, not too small yet very roomy, love all the pockets/zippers, great drop length, extremely comfortable on the shoulder or crook of your arm and the double pockets on the front make it look more stylish and young compared to the 07 version. IMO...I haven't found anything I like better SO FAR. I would definitely get one if you like it. I'm sure they will become harder to find as time goes by. :yes:
  5. I sold mine and got an Ali because it is larger but I miss my original shoulder bag.
  6. I freaking love mine in whiskey and it is a bag that I plan on getting in another color! perfect size for me (when I am not with the kiddos)!
  7. I returned the original shoulder bag that I bough tin favor of an Ali. But then I missed it and had to snatch one off of eBay!:angel:
  8. The legacy 06 bag is one that I've always admired but never purchased. I was always worried about how well it fit under my arm--if there would be enough room in the drop length to be comfortable.

    I really love it, though, and have often thought about trying to pick one up on eBay. I love the new style, too, but prefer the 06 version overall.
  9. I think that this shoulder bag is going to be too small for me, I also have the Ali, but I have taken the tags off of the shoulder bag so I can not sell it as NWT which is how I bought it off of eBay. Do I need both? Do any of you have an Ali and a shoulder bag? Do you get alot of use of both?
  10. I just purchased the 2006 shoulder bag. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I can fit in this bag!
  11. I LOVE my 2006 Black Leather Legacy Shoulder bag!! So much that I've thought of getting it in a different color. I am thinking about the 2007 version, but also hear that a new 2008 one is planned for early next year so I might wait. I hesitate on another 2006 version b/c I want a little more variety. Maybe the 08 will have the tattersall lining...wishful thinking I'm sure!
  12. I have 3 Ali(s) :White (just got), whiskey and black sig.
    I also have the legacy shoulder bag 06(my favorite version) in whiskey and white. I just won a chocolate sig 07 shoulder bag.:yes: I guess it is safe to say that I love both of these bags. Each serves me well.

    When I need to load up my bag (ie work) I grab my Ali. Most other activities find me grabing for the shoulder bag. It really holds alot. I recently bought a couple of the chameleon insert organizers so that everything stays organized and I can switch bags in a snap:smile:

    To answer the question about how the shoulder bag fits under the arm:
    It does fit snug ...which may not be comfortable for some. When I first got the bag, I thought I would not like it at all. But, I found it to be quite comfortable after wearing it for awhile. The shoulder strap is nice and wide which does not dig in (a real plus!!!!) I do not wear it directly under my arm but, rest it more to my back (hope that makes sense.) This way the weight is distributed to my back and shoulders. Quite comfy.

    The Ali does not have such a snug fit. It hangs a little lower. This bag is absolutely my fav:heart: I have to be careful not to overload the leather bags as they can get heavy. But, the signatures are lightweight and I grab them when this is the case.

    Hope this helps.......

    Excited to hear about an 08 version........
  13. I have it in pond and it's still in my closet in its dust bag. It's bigger than I thought it would be and I have to get the courage to just give it a try. It is a pretty bag tho, just on the big side for me and my frame. Maybe I'll use it when I go on a trip for the airplane ride.
  14. Yes, it can holds quite a bit :tup:...but there is a weight factor, I put in a few small items & it weighed 4.5 lbs. So it is a bit heavy, but I really I LOVE :heart:this bag!!! IMO it's one of the best Coach has made! I just got it in POND last week. I think it fits great on the arm too! I am 5ft 5 135lb BTW... I have it set on the middle hole on the drop handle so you can judge the size.