06 leather vs 07 leather?

  1. I am thinking about buying a 06 grenat city from Aloha Rag - but am wondering about the 06 leather? I have 07 natural city that I love (great leather, color) but have heard that some off you don't like the 06 leather very much? Maybe I would be better off trying to find an older dark red (bordeaux?) on eBay?
    Thanks for your feedback on this...

    PS Does Aloha Rag ever put prior year stock on sale?
  2. I think some bags from F/W '06 had great leather. My ' 06 white City is better than my '07 natural. It's super thick and smooshy. So was my black that I sold. My '06 F/W caramel is nice too. It seems they are a lot better than spring of '06 but my ink Shopper is pretty thick too. I think it varies a lot from bag to bag, but F/W '06 and the '07's seem to me much better than spring '06. I am sure there are some great spring '06's and some not so great '07's. The variation in bbags is far greater than any other bags that I have ever had.
    But that's part of their charm :graucho:
  3. I have a black 07 and the leather is wonderful and thick like the later 06 bags.
  4. AR hardly ever puts the original motorcycle bags on sale. The only bags I seen on sale in the past was the hideous neon green and neon yellow Cities on sale for 50% in 2005. Then, there was a few pony hair coin purses on sale as well.
  5. I think 06 SPRING leather was the most suspect. I've not really seen a Fall 2006 bag with leather I didn't like. Balenciaga heard us loud and clear when they started putting out the springs bags in some smooth/crinkly/thin/veiny leather that didn't really resemble the leather of before.
  6. My blueberry courier is from f/w 06 and the leather is tdf:yahoo: - so much better than my chloe paddy - it is a little veiny but it really does give the bag character and it is sooooooooo smooshy - i agree with powder it depends on the bag!
  7. I have an 06 bag and the leather is gorgeous, but it is veiny, unlike my 2005 bags. I've gotten used to it! :smile: