06 Lanvin Kansas on ebay...

  1. I :heart: this bag. If I didn't have my brown one already (or could sell it to finance this one) I would do it in a heartbeat! The leather looks as scrumptious as mine too.....if only I was rich lol.:rolleyes:


    Here's my 05 Kansas so you can see the difference - the 06 in black seems more edgy and goth w/the silver metal hardware :graucho:

  2. Hi. I saw that on ebay also. However, I already have the 06 Lanvin Kansas in all black. I only got it cuz I could not find the 05 version anywhere. :sad:

    I still personally like the 05 version better than the 06. I really love your bag! No one is selling the 05 anywhere.
  3. Twinklette's is awesome. But this one is pretty nice too! I am really tempted.
  4. IMO the '06 version with silver hardware just doesn't look as good as the '05 version with gold hardware...maybe it's just that the vintage leather look works better with the gold?

    Anyhow, was the retail for the '06 Kansa $1700 or something around there? I'm still praying for the '05 black Kansas to turn up on eBay some day.
  5. I like your 05 much better!
  6. Aw thanks girls. Kansas hasn't gotten much use lately since the bbags came <-- but I will be using her this weekend!
  7. They are both cute! but I perfer silver hardware
  8. I like Lanvin bags, both the Kansas and the Kentucky. But I just don't get why this eBay seller would ask $1,899, when you can buy the bag brand new from Barneys for $1,865. (Apparently, there were 0 bids.)

    BARNEYS NEW YORK - Welcome!