06 Ink Work On Ebay~ Great Deal

  1. Wow....beautiful!
  2. God this place is so bad for me!
  3. How much is this bag new retail?
  4. New is $1385 + tax.:flowers:
  5. Nanaz, thanks.
    Now one more question, does the bag fit comfortably over the shoulder?
  6. :flowers: Thanks Lulu!! I hope it goes to a Pfr home.
  7. Hello
    I'm 5'7" I own black work it sits comfortably on the shoulder..hope this helps :graucho:
  8. Pursemania: Check out page 6 of the "Photo's wearing your bbags" thread. There are several pictures of people wearing them on their shoulders.:yes:
  9. Great price! So tempting... Please someone get this. I wish I needed a work..

    Good luck with your sales Lenabean!
  10. beautiful! :love: