'06 Ink Purse!

  1. Good luck, Donna :flowers:
  2. Oh no!!! Why Donna did you have to post this beautiful bag while I'm on purse ban??! Must....not....nononono

    Good luck though, I need to get off the computer or I might do something *really* bad! It's so pretty :love:
  3. And I thought this was your favorite ?!

    I love the color but I am not a purse type

    Good luck,
  4. I love the Purse style! :love: It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
  5. You're on a roll, Donna - good luck! It is gorgeous!
  6. Very pretty! Good luck!
  7. ooo, that's GORGEOUS leather, Donna! good luck!!
  8. it IS my favorite, but I dont seem to use it, only look at it and pet it from time to time ~sigh!~...and my Amex card seems to be on fire the past few days so, when I bring a few in, something has to go out. You know how it is.
  9. Good luck Donna, that sure is one beautiful bag..
  10. Ohhhh I dream of an ink purse....but I cannot do $1299 for one....sigh.........good luck Donna!
  11. Well, I hate that I did not win this bag but I'm glad for Donna that is sold! Congrats Donna!:yahoo:
  12. More money for more boobies!:yahoo:
  13. thank you, our new buyer will love it!

  14. no no no! I spent too much money the past few days already...

    ok maybe one more.

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