06 Ink Day

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  1. I know...what a GREAT deal! I'm still kicking my self for not getting to it in time!!! I hope a Pfer got it!
  2. Yep, great deal for ink. Hope a PFer got it!
  3. This seller just emailed me asking if I wanted this bag because the buyer out. Who won it and what happened?
  4. ^^^MRG, did you get the message through your message center on your My eBay?? If you didn't it's probably a scammer...beware!
  5. Sounds fishy, the buyer has perfect feedback. Why not drop the buyer a message thru ebay and ask if they did indeed buy it. The seller only has 5 feedbacks, and MIGHT be up to something no good. You never know. If the buyer answers and says they did change their mind, find out why, maybe a fake bag? we cant be too careful.
  6. MRG, did you bid on it? Why would the seller randomly contact you?

    I'm a leeeeeeeeeeettle bit leary about this seller's listings. Brand new black Chloe Paddy for $750 BIN & SP of $625?:confused1: + $625 SP for the striped Bal courier + feedback rating of 5 spells caution to me.
  7. I'll do that! Thanks for ya'lls suggestions. I looked over the pics really good and compared them to all the info. on ateliernaff.com. Check them out for me and double check. Thanks!
  8. If that's ink, there's serious camera lighting issues. If you're expecting it to be the colors of the closeups, you'll be disappointed. The lining doesn't even look black or dark navy.
  9. I need your help girls. I need everyones opinion on this. I will see if they can send me better pics for ya'll to look at. Thanks to everyone!
  10. I agree and maybe it's the lighting but the top of the tag isn't sewn with black.
  11. ^^^you are so right!!!!:wtf:
  12. Yes~ please post pictures!
  13. yikes, i was nervous about this guy's b-bags too :s...i asked him to send me non-photoshopped pictures & he said it would take a few days :confused1:...something about his bags & those prices don't make sense to me!!!