06 Ink City BIN 1050

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. I just really need to stay away from here!
  2. WOW! It's so pretty =). Is it authentic? (sorry, newbie here =x)
  3. Ahh...it's awesome!!!:nuts:
  4. I love the color, but its too much $$ for me right now :sad:
  5. This is really pretty leather as well ... is the Ink color sold out in the City, btw? Does anyone know?
  6. Is Indigo Blue the same as Ink? Did a PFer get this? Beautiful leather.
  7. The leather is AMAZING on this one. I nearly hit the buy-it-now button too. LOL.
  8. It's Gone!!! Gorgeous.
  9. OMG, the leather on this looks like my '05 city, congrats to the winner :yahoo:
  10. I want, i want... the leather from the other Ink from Personal Shoppers doesn't look half as nice ...
  11. Ok, I nabbed it. :smile: Couldn't resist. Ink is my favorite color and the leather was unbelievable. I pray they never come out with an inky aubergine/deep plum. I may not survive it.
  12. Congratulations Decophile. Is Indigo Blue another name for Ink?
  13. I have no idea. :shrugs: But what's pictured in the listing definitely looks like Ink. I thought indigo was a different, lighter color, but I'm not sure.
  14. Indigo is from 2005
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