'06 Ink City - $1275 BIN or BO

  1. yeah.. the leather looks great on this one!
  2. does anybody know the seller?
  3. I think the seller bought it from elizabeth*thomas. I asked her if it was veiny and she said yes. I would REALLy love an Ink City, veiny or not!
  4. Donna, you should go for it!!! leather looks good to me :smile:
  5. Whoever is selling this bag lives in my neck of the woods! Never saw a "local" bag on eBay before and must say it's cool to know there are other PFers (with great taste) nearby. This bag looks lovely!
  6. :drool:
  7. you guys are sooo not helping me here!
  8. Go for it Donna, I think the seller is our own "leatherlover", she doesn't ship to France...so I'm out :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:.
  9. Donna, I am not helping you too....
    Catcat, I know it is quite frustrating when they tell you they won't ship to your coutry , but I am sure one of the next ones will be for you

    I asked the seller who she was in this forum, and she told me she is quite new to tPF and didn't tell her ID...
  10. Donna is on a purse ban, she can't buy the Ink City till some one buys her Tekla Chloe.:banned:
  11. Donna, you've been spared. It's gone.
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