'06 Ink City - $1000 SP, $1100 BIN

  1. Whow she bought that bag for 640 early november...now I'm jelous!
  2. me too, jealous.... I paid 1150 for mine:sad:
  3. Nice bag. Why didn't she just sew the silver tag back on? Does it mean it doesn't come with the bag?
  4. It looks like its been treated doesnt it?

    think I need to wait for the next one...dark handles, missing tag, scuffed corners...nope I'll pass.
  5. How could the inside metal tag fall off? I don't get it. I don't see how that could happen.
  6. pretty bag but the price is alittle steep for it's condition.
    if it was lowered by maybe $200, then i think it would be alittle tempting.
  7. ^^ you should send her an offer, see if she'll budge :smile:
  8. Wow she bought that bag, used it, and is now selling it for several hundred dollars more than what she bought it for. Nothing wrong with that... But that's sort of like being paid to wear a bag.

    Anyway, I think the price would be okay if the condition was better and the metal plate hadn't come off...
  9. oh no, I already have a ink city. I was just saying that the seller should lower the price by $200 or so because of the condition it's in. I'm sure then it'd be more tempting for buyers. :yes:
  10. mmmmm......sounds pretty good!
  11. I know that there is no silver tag but for those that didn't want to pay retail or above for an ink this is a much better deal and the rest of the bag looks in good condition.