`06 Grenat City...hgbags

  1. I've purchased from her twice -- a lilac hook and a griege first. Both were authentic. She's very nice. Once you have purchased from her, she will send lists of new stock on request and give you a discount if you buy a bag before she lists it on EBay.
  2. Too bad she used to sell fakes.:confused1: I would never buy from someone like that..
  3. I have bought from her and I received gorgeous authentic bags both on and off ebay. I sure hope this thread isnt gonna be about dragging some seller through the mud like I've seen in the past.....:yucky:
  4. I totally agree! I don't know what happened in the past and I don't want to know. Erica has been a consummate professional in her dealings with me. And the bags I received from her were lovely.
  5. No more bashing! Every listing that comes up in Achtung is very critical and I am sick and tired of it! Please stop.

  6. ITA!! Let's all play nice :yes:
  7. :back2topic: I love this color!
  8. Lovely Bag & Lovely Seller!!!
  9. I'd buy it if I weren't on a purse ban. Painful. :sad:
  10. Is this color really sold out everywhere? (Not bashing! Just wondering.)
  11. Amazing how the color varies so much from picture to picture... is it really like that IRL? (er, not bashing either, just wondering. :smile: )
  12. oh, i love this color, so pretty!
  13. Skimatic10, yes this color is beautiful and very rich in IRL and it does vary.
    I was amazed of how much it changes and resembles the '05 bordeaux under certain lighting. :yes:
  14. I've bought from her several times and all my bags have been authentic and beautiful, shipping was fast and she was fantastic to deal with.