06 Greige Mini Bowling, Origan Olive Courier & Bone White Day from fellow pfer!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. aaa, you're selling off such beautiful bags from your collection!!!:crybaby: Good luck with your auctions, these are gorgeous and at great prices!!

    soooooo, with the cash...what's on your wishlist for s/s 07??? :graucho:
  3. Girl, you're really cleaning house! I hope you're not parting with anything that you love too dearly, or else I hope you replace these goodies with something else :heart: Good luck with the auctions!
  4. Good luck aaa, they are all beautiful bags.. i hope they find good homes quickly...
  5. awe, you gals are all so sweet to post & compliment my babies :tender:...i wish i could keep them all, but i've gotta scale down...i was naughty recently & bought an '04 marron weekender & an '05 olive city :shame:...i'm still holding onto my black day & black mini-bowler though...the origan courier is such a cool bag & i wanted to hold onto it to use as a baby bag someday...but i'm only 5'2" & my DH says it's as big as i am & i look silly in it :P
  6. That courier is TDF!!!!!!!!:love: I honestly would scoop it up if I didn't have it emerald!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Ohhh they all are GORGEOUS :nuts: !!! I especially like the greige mini bowling - it looks so yummy :drool: - if it's were a purse I would buy it IMMEDIATELY :yes: :yahoo: !!
    Good luck on your sales aaallabama :flowers: :love:

    Thank you for posting Jade ..... !!
  8. GOOD LUCK, BAMA!! That Greige is TDF.
  9. awe, thanks so much everyone, i really hope they sell soon, because i've been a veeeeeeeeeeeery bad girl :noggin:
  10. Good Luck AAA!
  11. ^^ thanks for the luck lizlikeshugs :tender: