06 emerald or 09 pommier???

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Which green?

  1. 06 emerald day

  2. 09 pommier

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I have an 06 emerald day bag, which I love as I think I can use the colour all year round, it's a versatile colour and it's a great size, but I've since tried on the pommier rh work, gsh city and day! The green is stunning! I'm not sure if it's just because I'm in my summer mindset that I want a bright green bag, but do you think you can use pommier all year around?

    I only want one green bag in my collection, so should I keep my emerald or sell it off to buy a pommier bag? But if so, which size?!

    My emerald day phpmJ5XvAPM.jpg

    borrowed pommier gsh day pic (hope you don't mind)!
    pommier gsh day.jpg
  2. They are both gorgeous and I can see why you are crazy about Pommier as it is a new color and as you say it's summer. Personally, I would keep the Emerald. Much more versatile imo.
  3. ^^ ditto, i like the emerald, i think it's a great all-year-round color.
  4. Are you trying to choose one because that's all you can float right now - or do you not want two greens? The reason I ask is because I have (among other reds!) rouge vif and grenat. They are very different, the RV is bright and happy like the pommier, and the grenat is more fall like and classic, like the emerald. I think you can have two different tones from the same family. :heart:

    Just a thought?
  5. The bright green is pretty, but I would keep the emerald if you can only manage one. Emerald is a much more neutral green IMO.

  6. I do want two greens, but realistically I can only afford one :tdown: atm as i'm going back to do my MA, so I need to save more rather than spend. noo
  8. I think you should keep the Emerald too, its a more versatile color to carry all year round.
  9. I vote emerald too! ....I have one too and I think its more versitile all year round than the pommier!
  10. I'm gonna say Pommier, personally I don't see why this is not as nice and versatile as the darker one. As it's sizeable anyway, it's never going to be your go-to bag for an LBD, it's for the daytime and that colour to me works wonderfully for days.
  11. Love both colors, but personally I like the Day with GH better than RH, so I say Pommier with GSH!
  12. I love the pommier but do agree that you would probably get more use out of the emerald (which I really love, sold mine)
    However, it guess it would depend on what you already have in your collection and how often you switch bags.
  13. I'd say keep the Emerald. I love all BalGreens but there's a certain something about Emerald that's lovely.
  14. Keep your Emerald... it's so beautiful!
  15. is that really an emerald? it looks like evergreen. bal emerald is much lighter and brighter than that pic, and i think you could go with either. but if your emerald is really that dark, then keep that one, as it's more versatile...