06 Emerald City BIN 1099 or BO

  1. Pretty! Emerald is such a gorgeous color!
  2. Oh, so nice. Not too veiny either. Some of the 06 emeralds have looked a bit too veiny for me but this one is good.
  3. Someone looking for a city in this color should grab it!!!! It's probably much more gorgeous IRL then in the pictures!!!! It's more matte looking and not veiny!:love: I think Beaux was looking for an emerald city!
  4. i think applegarde would make this bag look awesome!.. i haven't seen an emerald in real life though.... can't seem to find out why I love it and don't love it at the same time.. hehe
  5. ^^^The emerald color is gorgeous IRL! (IMO) If you appleguard the emerald I think it loses it's "brightness".

  6. ^^Thanks for thinking of me zacorey - I was out of town last week so I missed this auction - good thing too as I would have had a hard time saying no to it and I really need to be good for a while (we're in the process of moving, buying furniture, etc - and I need to reign in my pf habits - at least for a LITTLE while!)
  7. Emerald is so gorgeous IRL- I hope someone gets this!
  8. It's gone. Anyone get it?

    Looks like the olive didn't sell. I liked that one. I wish my velvet Gucci Blondie would sell so I could make her an offer.:crybaby:
  9. I tried to PM you but your mailbox was full!
  10. Okay ladies, help me out. I see that the same seller has the same bag listed in the same way again - using the same photo's!

    So what gives? This is the 2nd or 3rd one of these bags that she's sold. Where is she getting all of these emerald city bags?

    Is this strange in any way?
  11. I'm guessing the first sale never completed and this is a relist. I've purchased from this seller several times and she's very honest and reliable.
  12. ^^I thought she sold the last one on an OBO offer? I think this is the 3rd time i've seen her listing... (maybe even the 4th?) - Maybe she's finding these Emerald bags on sale somewhere? I don't get it.
  13. I've been eyeing this bag then someone won it... and now it's back... It's a sign...I just Best Offered her!!! This baby is mine!! :drool:
  14. wooooooooooo-whoooooooooo, congrats, it must be meant to be :angel: