06 Crazy Pony Hair/Cow print Bbag

  1. I think that's way over retail?
  2. Ow, the price!!!
  3. Oh wow - is this the wild goat LE from Neimans? What does it retail for? And how many were made, does anyone know? At first I thought it was the Hong Kong LE bag, but it's not, and the card says the fur is chevre (i.e. goat, not pony/calf).
  4. I am not a fan of the hairy bags.
  5. Retail is $1410. They are made from goat hair. I bought one and returned it Wednesday night to NM at GSP in NJ. It might still be there if anyone is interested :smile: .

    I loved it but the bag was already shedding when I unpacked it. With that said, if it came in the work size, I would have put up with the shedding...it's a really cool bag.
  6. I was surprised they allowed you to return it at the NM in NJ. The collection was exclusive to NM in SF, Balenciaga NY, and Balenciaga Paris. Stephanie would be so disappointed that you didn't like it! :sad:
  7. lol, something about that sounded so funny (baaaaaaaaaaaa!!!) :roflmfao:
  8. is the hair soft or coarse? the pony was coarse IMO, one reasong I didnt like them much... I wanna see one IRL just to pet it.
  9. This bag is kind of unique, if you are into that sort of thing. Anyone know if there are any hairy bags that do not shed? Or is shedding an inherent characteristic of fur? I know dogs like poodles do not shed outwardly, but that is because the shedding is contained within the curls. I do not need pony/goat hair shedding on top of the golden retriever fur that covers everything I have!
  10. It's very very soft.