'06 Cornflower leather?

  1. HI everyone...!!:heart:

    i posted another thread with this as one of the questions since i'm thinking of getting the cornflower twiggy... but i really need more opinions on this.... so..

    regarding the '06 Cornflower leather.. i've heard some negative feedbacks on it, something about it being dry and thin or that the colour fades? :shrugs:

    any feedback would be greatly appreciated...!! especially pics of a well loved cornflower! :flowers: TIA..!!
  2. I have a cornflower twiggy and I gotta say that compared to my sandstone work, the leather is significantly thinner. My leather's not particularly dry..nor has the colour faded at all. It just started getting slouchy and I'm so happy ;)
  3. the leather is definatly thinner and more shiny and cracked .. but taking care of it and using it well will fix it up a bit :smile:

    this is before ...


    this is after treatment

  4. wow the diff is amazing!! looks so much better after treatment but those veins are oretty :biggrin:
  5. [​IMG]
    I haven't put anything on my city, but I bought it off eBay, and I don't know if was treated before. It IS a thinner leather than the rest of my bags, but it's still yummy!