06 city black- question about leather

  1. on the Y series of black city bags from o6 was the leather thinner than the thick slouchy leather everyone talks about? When this leather i speak of wears in should it feel a little rough, scaly even?
  2. Well a lot of gals have had great success in rehabiliting dry/crackly bags with various moisturizers. Do a search on Lubriderm, Apple Garge, and LMB (luvin my bags) and you should find a TON of info on how to soft and change the leather of your new bbag.

    Congrats! PHENOM price!!
  3. I'm so curious, did the seller ever find the shoulder strap or did she send it without a shoulder strap?
  4. she sent it without
  5. OMG lucky you!! I so wanted that bag, but I fell alseep without hitting the Bid-button, lol! Congrats! I actually thought it was kina smart, cause you might as well use a nise silk scarf/shawl as a strap, that way you get to wear it messanger-style without it being uncomfortably short (dep on your size.. i prefer LOND straps)!!