06 Chocolate vs 06 Whiskey paddys

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  1. I have recently acquired 2 gorgeous paddys:love:, thanks to the beautiful pictures posted in this forum, I simply can't resist:drool::P Both from reputable sellers, year 2006, medium paddy -- Chocolat and Whiskey. However I notice that my Choco paddy is sooo sooo much more softer & smooshier & slouchier than my Whiskey paddy. Why is that so? :confused1: Does Chloe use different textures of leather as in Balenciaga's?

    I'd so love to get another smooshy paddy that's on ebay now, but I have a feeling my phh is not going to think so kindly of me for asking 3 paddys in a row? even though it's Christmas??:shrugs::sweatdrop:
  2. LOL - i can't think why PHH wouldn't allow you to have a third paddy, after all it is nearly Christmas...:graucho:

    Ok, i have a Whiskey that is dated 06, the leather is gorgeous, really 'smooshy' and smells divine, but it is not like that all over.
    One side is slightly stiffer.

    I also have an 06 Mousse, the leather is much stiffer, but it is totally uniform throughout the bag.

    I think that the leather will always vary from bag to bag, tbh.
    Leather is a material which is naturally variant - you just have to search for the type that is right for you.:yes:
  3. okay, now that you mentioned it, I notice the front and back are different. Front is smoother and stiffer while the back is soft, smooshy and more pebbly:nuts::drool:
    Wow... I like the back of the bag!:P

    Overall, I am in love with my 2 Paddy!:love::heart: I'm cheating on Balenciaga though...:shame:shh...
  4. what color is the third one you want?

    There are variations in the leather on my 3 paddies too, but I love 'em all! Oddly enough, the softest and smooshiest leather I have is on my metallic gold pocket paddie. My aubergine satchel, which is also metallic, is probably the least smooshy, but gorgeous in its own way.

  5. I am eyeing on this one, but it's quite pricey and the color is almost similar to my Whiskey :shrugs:
    Gorgeous 2005 Tan-Paddington:drool:

    But the bag slouches like my Choco paddy.... sooo yummy....:love: