06 Blueberry Box

  1. sorry gals, but but this seller is trying to rip people off on a fall '06 style & color :sad:...i held back the the last time i saw this bag listed for $1500 (not sure if it's the same one)...why would anyone pay hundreds above retail for something they can buy in the store?!?! :shrugs:...that bag had better have a golden lottery ticket in it for me to even look twice :girlsigh:

    p.s. just saw the seller's a PFer, why would you do that girl?!?!
  2. BIN $1400 and starting bid $1200? when this bag is available and only retails $985. aaa, i think you're right it must a golden ticket inside.
  3. I know, I've seen this listed a few times before already. I don't get it! Obviously she's trying to get her fees and tax back but.... :shame:
  4. welp, she lives in boston Glimmer-girl, so she wouldn't have had to pay taxes on it :sad:...the most she would have paid would be $50 or less for shipping from NY to MA (since she bought it from the nyc store)...i wish she wasn't a PFer (don't know who she is), but i couldn't hold it in any longer...morally & ethically, it's just wrong in my book, but to each their own i guess :girlsigh:
  5. Oh. :shrugs:
  6. I assume that anyone who could buy it at retail, would do just that.
    It's all supply and demand.
    I've actually seen things on ebay that go for way more than retail and people DO buy them, regardless.

    I attribute this to two things:
    1. they didn't do research
    2. they happen to live somewhere where the bag isn't readily available (like another country, maybe?)

    Ebay is a business like anything else.
    If it was a PFer trying to make a hefty profit off of ANOTHER PFer, I'd definately frown upon it, as I love the idea of this place being a community where everyone tends to look out for one another (sharing deals, finding hard to find bags, etc...)
    but otherwise I say good luck with the sale. :yes:

    It's a really pretty bag.
    I did see it in person. For $995 :P
  7. oh well, the seller is only wasting her own money on ebay listing it. i doubt it will sell for that price, since that bag is readily available at BalNY and they ship everywhere.
  8. ITA ^^ :girlsigh:
  9. you know I thought it looked a little pricey, but still this is it's pretty!
  10. but the seller is a "proud member of PF". a little pricey.
  11. Totally agree, aaallabama! I love your candor. Sorry, but that kind of pricing reeks of gouging, to me. Who cares if the buyer might live somewhere where Balenciaga isn't readily available? I don't think that's a reason to rip someone off.
  12. It's all supply and demand. Believe it or not, there are buyers out there on Ebay that don't care how much something costs, whether they can get it retail or not, they'll just buy it. It's not a crime for a seller to make money on a sale. For some people it's their livelihood. If this seller found this bag and no one else can or few people can, then the buyer is paying for the seller's expertise as well (in shopping!). No one is forcing anyone to pay that price ~ if someone does, that's their choice.
  13. This is a beautiful Blueberry Box, but I agree that the price is way too high for a bag that's still available at retail. Even with fees and shipping, that bag should not be that much. :sad:
  14. thanks bbagbubba, no matter what anyone says about supply & demand, i still don't think it's 1) smart or 2) cool, to try & sell a current bag for hundreds above retail :hysteric:...it's not a crime, but it's definitely about trying to fool people who don't know any better :girlsigh: