`06 Black City

  1. Bag looks sweet, the seller looks scary...just because it's a first time auction and very well done...but the bag looks sweet, it's tempting! If I weren't so scared of eBay...LOL
  2. this is my auction :yes:

    its a great bag :yahoo:

  3. Good Luck! That is a Great price! and I completely understand the new ID thing ... I had to get a second one for buyng bags :supacool:
  4. Good Luck Caiiiehbka!! The leather looks TDF!!!:drool:
  5. Thanks, that's assuring! :biggrin: Good luck!
  6. thanks guys!!! :roflmfao:
  7. BTW... I have to say I was reluctant to bidding since its was a new account. But now that I know its a fellow pfer I am at peace.....;)