06 Black City...Personalshoppers!!

  1. Beautiful bag up for grabs!! :yes: :P :flowers: :flowers:
  2. I personally wouldn't buy a black '06 city over retail...esp. since they are still available...
  3. Yeah... i wouldn't either! ^
  4. ^^ yes, i was wondering about that. i understand some of the high prices on older bags (unusual color or first season). but why would anyone pay over retail for something readily available?
  5. LOL :lol:.....that is so true plus I probably wouldn't pay for anything over retail especially if it was used but that's just me:yes: :shrugs: :flowers: :flowers:
  6. and she also has the same bag on her website listed for $100 less ???

    pretty tho!
  7. ^ i think if you're buying from overseas, the slight increase in price over retail is fair. besides, this seller has an awesome rep of selling authentic bags so she probably has no problems unloading her inventory.
  8. yeah, my thoughts, too.
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