06 Balenciagas - a bit different?

  1. Hi - today is my first day posting here.
    I just bought a new fire engine red first, and noticed that there are a few small differences from previous seasons. (I compared them to my 05 indigo, turqoise and black.)
    1. The leather tag has a shorter number on it (mine says 1669).
    2. The studs are a slightly different shape - 06 is a little more pointed, so that the bases of the studs are the same size, but the tops of the studs are not.
    3. The knots in the tassles are glued in shape. (Normally, I take the tassles off my Balenciagas, but I cannot with this one.)

    Hope this is interesting for other Balenciaga lovers!
  2. I see you meant to make these pics educational/informative, but they are so artsy!!! I love the pics! Especially the first, it's so eye-catching!
  3. Good information, and really good photos!
  4. thanks.. it's a GREAT pics...
    congrats girl :P
  5. Wow that's something new! Thank you for sharing the info. Love your new bag... and that darling turquoise first at the back :nuts: :heart:
  6. Thanx for the info! I had no idea the 06 were a bit different. Love your collection btw!
  7. Thanks for the info and your bags are GORGEOUS! Are you saying the tassles are glued and you can't untie them to take off? If so- wow!:wtf:
  8. Thanks for the info. On my 06 grenat city the tassles aren't glued and I can take them off as on the pre-spring bags but they seem to be a bit tighter. I just love you first pic with all the colourful bags.
  9. Welcome & thanks for the info and pics! Very interesting! Btw, LOVE your bags!
  10. yep---the studs on your s/s 05 bags looks like the ones on my previous 04, compared to the f/w 05, s/s 06 & f/w 06 they are less 'pointy' :yes:

    btw I LOOOOVE your collection!!!! Especially the turquoise! YUM! Oh, and welcome! :heart:
  11. Thanks so much for sharing!!
    Great Photos! And welcome to the forum!! :smile:
  12. Very interesting and informative, thanks! Welcome :smile:
  13. redcoral, *great* photos! I actually had the glued-tassel thing on an 05 rouge bag - so it's not just this season, but seems to be variable? Maybe there's one over-zealous worker in the factory who's adding this little touch. It seems so odd to glue them, though, I don't know of anyone having a problem with them falling off...?

    The hardware change is interesting - some of the replica makers are just getting the hardware right, and now they'll have to start all over. Awww! ;)
  14. Love your Rouge First! Congrats. Your other Firsts are gorgeous too!
  15. Gorgeous bag! My new black first doesn't have any of these variables, except maybe the studs--really interesting!