06 bags at barneys ny !

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  1. I was checking out some bbags at Barneys NY on Madison Ave after work today and saw :

    06 GRENAT WORK (amazing non-veiny leather, very much so like the 08 RUBY quality!)

    06 GREIGE COURIER (amazing veinless puddle!)

    06 TRUFFLE WORK (a bit dry and veiny)

    06 TRUFFLE FIRST (a bit dry but good thick leather)

  2. Holy smokes! How did they manage to last that long? I had a hard enough time trying to locate a specific 07!
  3. Wow, thanks for sharing!
  4. was the courier the extra courier (the bigger size)?
  5. Wow - I'd love to have that Grenat Work! What a find!
  6. I had that Grenat work at one point but ended up returning it a few days later. I just couldn't get past the white edges on the tassels. The leather is nice and silky but it's a bit on the thin side like many of the 06's are. I'm surprised that it's still there from last December.
  7. the courier IS the extra courier, it's the bigger size !! if you want it, call them asap as it is currently hanging on the T-Stand where it is super visible and tempting !
  8. i think they JUST did an inventory check and brought out all their back stock ... i check barneys every week or so and this is the first time seeing so many old bags on display...
  9. i think i remember someone saying that they had the griege extra courier a while back..didnn't someone buy it and return it recently? the size was too big?
    if only it was a rgular courier =)
    it would be gone in a second!