'06 ALI - Which color is the best?

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  1. There are obviously A LOT of Ali lovers on this forum. I was interested in knowing what you guys think the best Ali color is? Black, Whiskey, Brown, Natural or White? Does anyone have a strong opinion on this topic?
  2. The brown color is my favorite of the ones I own. In second place is my whiskey an third place is my black one. The brown one is my favorite as I wear alot of earth tone colors - brown leather and suede skirt with leather or suede boots -so I find that the brown Ali is the one which complements most things in my wardrobe. If you wear alot of black I would go with the black bag as you can never go wrong with a black Ali. :tup:
  3. I like the whiskey best. I always have trouble wearing brown bags with the colors of clothes I wear.
  4. I have a signature khaki/black Ali, but I'm still lusting over the white leather version. Ever since seeing Hayden Panettierre wearing it I've wanted it! My Coach store has one in stock and I try it on every time I go in!!
  5. I think for me its between the Black, Whiskey and Brown since its an everyday purse for me. Does the Brown scratch up even more than the Whiskey or just about the same? The Black doesn't scratch up much at all, right? I think I'm probably mostly torn between Black and Whiskey (although the Brown is such a great color). And, how do they hold up to rain and snow? I live in Chicago and we get some nasty weather so since I plan on using this bag a lot, I want to make sure it can hold up to the elements.
  6. If I HAD to choose, I would go for the khaki/black combo!
  7. I think ALL the leather colors of the Ali are beautiful!! *lol* But if I had to choose one, I'd choose the one I have right now - white. I think it's just GORGEOUS!! It's beautiful against all my dark blues, dark teal, maroon... I basically like to wear the white Ali with all my rich, dark colors and it just POPS!! But I don't use it as an every day bag because I don't want it getting dirty... For everyday purposes, I'd choose one of the other colors.
  8. I have the whiskey and I think it's just beautiful!
  9. I like the white. It just looks so clean. My second choice would be the whiskey.
  10. For hands down beauty...I vote for the white Ali(which I finally have:flowers:)

    For everyday usage....that is really heard. Which is why I have soooo many Ali(s):yes: It is hards to pick...depends on my mood. I would think that if it were leather and I could I only have one (other than white) ...I would choose black then whiskey.

    But, for me..... my everyday bag has turned out to be the black signature Ali and in second place is the black/khaki signature (which is really an eye catcher IRL)

    I like this bag so much that I found myself thinking about getting a back-up bag for when mine wears out. I have never thought that way before......:upsidedown:

  11. The only Ali I would wear in inclement weather would be the black one. I would not wear my whiskey or brown one in a snow storm. The Black one has a special finish and I find that when I wear it in the rain the water just beads on it and rolls right off the handbag.
  12. My two favorites are brown and white. Black is easy and will hold up in wet weather, I think white will hold up in wet weather, but for an everyday bag it might show signs of use faster. The later releases of whiskey (which I have) doesn't seem to scratch like the original release and hasn't developed it's "patina" like the natural or brown. Brown is like a leather bomber jacket, soft, smooshy, just great. I used natural today and noticed a "tan" line under the strap buckle.

    We're not a lot of help are we? :confused1: Come on! Pick a color, any Color!:graucho:
  13. Sorry if this interferes with the post I just posted. I cannot find it. I bought a new 2007 Whiskey slim Ali, and it is different than last year's color. More smooth and orangey and less textured. Kind of a dull dark, variation. I am not sure i like it at all. If I send it back to jax, they do have more, but I would never know what I would get back. Anyone have this problem in color notice. Should I just give it back? Sigh, I miss the one I sadly returned last year. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  14. I don't have an Ali, but I have a black shoulder and white slim tote. First fav is the white b/c the legacy stripe against the white is TDF!!! Second fav is the black b/c it is classy and doesn't scratch very easy. I LOVE the whiskey color but it seems to scratch so easy and that would drive me bonkers!!
  15. You guys ARE helping! Keep the responses coming...