05'leather wallets and other older bags available!

  1. Hi Everyone!
    As I passed by at the Shop that offers BBags in Austria to exchange stuff I noticed that they had some monet wallets in 05 bubblegum pink and the intensive tourquoise..I couldnt believe it that they still have them..probably cause BBags arent that popular over here..I'm pretty sure they have some 05 bags in the backroom left too:graucho:
    They also had a light thourquoise mini classique and a few other older bags..
    They also had the curent collection but I didnt really pay attention after my 05 discovery..
    So they do ship internationally but u have to email them and sort out how directly..
    Also only the executive SA knows something about colours and styles and shes the one who responds the emails..So here the contact details..
    Thought I'd let u guys know:yes:
    Praterstraße 11–13 |1020 Vienna |Austria
    TEL +43 1 532 28 58 | info@song.at
  2. WOw thank you for sharing Oulaliscious!
  3. Thanks so much for that info!!!!
    I just emailed them....:yes:

    Will keep you guys updated!
  4. you're the best!! thanks for the info :tup:
  5. Thanks, Oula! Just emailed them, too. That is very cool!
  6. OMG OMG!! I just E-mailed them. A BG Pink wallet is my holy grail. Do you have any idea if the exchange rate works out to be the same.

  7. And one more thing, if I ordered from them, would I have to pay customs? I'm completely clueless about customs. TIA
  8. Thanks for sharing! I've been lusting over teag ever since I saw Cracker's gorgeous teal :yahoo:
  9. Wow - so friendly and helpful over the phone and by email. Sent me lots of photos of things not on their website, including some very pretty purses and small bags.

    Thanks for this recommendation.

  10. Jenova, could you please show us the pictures they sent you? TIA!
  11. For those of you wanting to see some pics (I asked specifically for pics of their older season bags) send me an email and I will forward to you. For some reason, I can't get the images to pull up as more than thumbnails! I can't be sure, but if someone who can enlarge ill email me... one of the wallets (TO ME) looks like POSSIBLY '04 Rose, nobody get your hopes up, it is just what it looks like to me. Thereis also a bbgum pink coin purse, that one I AM SURE of! Another, looks like a seafoam mini-classique, can't be positive, but I think so .
  12. I emailed them also..and got the pictures.... I re-emailed them but they emailed back after I saw them but the pink was already gone...:crybaby: I Hope it was at least a tpf'r...






    There was also one more of a brown makeup I think.. don't know exactly which year it was from
  13. I bought the green First and I think that there was only one of it. I didn't take the pink purse. I was also tempted by the Seafoam? but wondered if it had gone a bit yellow. That was also a one only item from what I was told.

    I still have the photo of the brown Makeup somewhere if anyone wants to see it. However, I am at work now and would only be able to supply it this evening.
  14. Thank you very much Oualaliscious for posting this! I am the "lucky" gal :love: that purchased the bubble gum pink coin purse and the 04 turquoise (I assume it is teal) mini-compagnon. :yahoo:

    The SA is extremely helpful and I would definitely purchase from this store again! :tup:
    I asked her if she can declare the item as a gift so I do not have to pay customs and the SA said they will definitely do that. :yahoo: :tender:


  15. I think I just purchased the 05 Teal Mini Coin purse. We'll see, as I never quite get the right thing when I order via the phone, LOL.