05 White Work (or How I become a Balenciaga ADDICT!!!)

  1. So ya'll know the story of my Black City :heart:

    Once I got the right bag, I was HOOKED!! :p

    So here is the second addition to my expanding Balenciaga family :wlae:

    It's an 05 Work in White (any chance this is Calcaire?? I have read the threads, some say calcaire doesn't have pink undertones, other say that's what it's all about?? Also I checked the Atelier.naff website and can't quite decifer if white was made every year, even in addition to Calcaire in 05???)


  2. pretty! congrats!
  3. and my two lovelies together:

  4. I love ur new white work.....it's gorgeous (even i'm not into white as i'm worried that it will get dirty easily...heheheh).....in fact, i i have a calcaire pochette and it looks a bit ivory tones or pink tones on certain angels when i view them but not like ur white work (as it looks white to me)......:smile:
  5. Thanks robot & celia!!

    This bag came without tags so I was just curious.

    No matter what the color name -- I LOVE IT :heart:
  6. It's just beautiful!!!! A tres sexy bag, it is!

    It looks like white and not Calcaire to me. Every calcaire I've seen has had subtle yet unmistakable pale blush tones to it.
  7. Oh my! :wtf: the leather :drool:
  8. Thanks Kristy!! :cutesy:

    Did they make both White and Calcaire in the same year???

    This bag pre-dates the silver tags...
  9. If I'm not mistaken, they started selling white every season beginning in 2003. And Calcaire was an '05 bag, right? So I'd assume they sold both white and calcaire that same year, yes. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong!
  10. That does not look like Calcaire...it looks like a very beautiful White!! Congrats!
  11. def white - not calcaire! simply gorgeous! i :heart: :heart: :heart: white! just keep it away from your dark jeans and you'll be just fine
  12. hmwe46 : u are welcome...no matter wat, ur new work white is fabulous and the leather is so smooshy....glad that u love it which is more impt than anything. Just be careful to take caution care for ur white!! i'm sure it will be fine.......:smile:
  13. Congrats!! It is very pretty and the leather....:drool: :drool:
  14. yum. i am a sucker for white bbags :O your new work is DROOLWORTHY! congratulations!
  15. Very nice~ I'm looking for one~:smile: Congrats