05 white first - should i do it???

  1. the never ending saga continues... :p

    since i bought my first bbag (aqua city) i told myself i'm done for the year, well at least until christmas. lol.

    now i came across a descently priced white first and i'm debating if i should go for it or not.

    here are my thoughts. help me think this through please!

    - the price does seem descent but is it worth it? the bag has distinct "normal" wear and tear, especially the handles, and since it's white it's just going to get worse.

    - i've never seen a first IRL so don't know if it'll look good on me.

    - should i just pass this one and invest in getting a new one later?

    - but white does look gorgeous especially in the summer. should i just fork up the money now and enjoy it while it lasts until it falls apart?

    decisions decisions... what should i do? :shrugs:
  2. first of all congratz on your aqua - great choice ! :nuts:

    now down to business - i would pass on this white ... first : white is made every season as far as i know so you will be able to buy it whenever you want to...

    second : all the wear signs are so much more visible on white bags - wouldnt it be better to save up and get a
    brand new? the new white bbag looks fantastic ...

    third : i would strongly recommend checking the size out first ...i bought my first city without seeing it in real and it was much smaller than i thought ...

    just my 2 cent ...:yes:
  3. Go for it girl!
  4. Well~ on the other hand~ if it is a good price and you will get use out of it then go for it. A brand new white will cost you full retail and may get dirty but atleast this will cost less then retail. If it's not too dirty maybe you could clean it up yourself.
  5. Don't get a bbag just because the price is good. You should get a bbag because you LOOOOOVE it :yes:

    I've come across some good priced bbags and always think "hmmm", but am glad I passed on every one b/c they weren't really want I wanted & it was $$ I could put towards a bbag i did want :yes:
  6. My theory on white bags is that you might as well one that's not brand-new, because you'll feel less stress and pressure to keep it pristine. As long as the bag is, like, 95% clean, AND the price is right, I'd totally get it!
  7. the bag already had a few owners but by looking at the pictures i don't think it was "abused" - just normal wear and tears for being a two year old white.

    based on what i said so far how's $480 sound? i really do like the bag but don't know if it's worth the value.

    how long do white bags usually last until they become so beat up and ugly?
  8. :wtf: :wtf: Grab it!!! Grab it!! And if you don't - tell me where to find it!!! :p
  9. I think a White First would look fabulous:love:- I would just be scared to get it dirty, otherwise it would be on my wishlist for sure!:yes:
  10. I would go for it. I was at NM this sunday and I had a choice between a green first or white first. and white one was just hot. so I got it. and i loveee it!