05 White City - bin $849 or BO

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  1. I wish I had gotten this instead of the white first. I like bigger bags. I should have my pistachio twiggy this week!

    I wonder if I should sell the first and get this one? Would it be a hard sell?

  2. Also, is everyone absolutely positive that it is real?

  3. Everything looks good to me except I wish there was a better picture of the bales. It looks well taken care of but I personally wouldn't bid without a better picture of the bales.:yes:
  4. I thought this was a great deal also. The bag looks so clean!
  5. Great deal, the bag looks wonderful!
  6. Bags are only posted in Achtung if we are certain of their authenticity. It would not be hard at all to sell your white first at the price you got it for.
  7. OK, who beat me on this one :cursing: apparently we were both hitting the BIN price at the same time and i lost.:crybaby:Enjoy it.:smile::love:
  8. OOOH, I knew I shouldn't have taken a nap.:sad:
  9. Congrats to whoever won! That's such a nice '05 white!
  10. Ooops.....it's me who got it first, sorry Nanaz!:blush: Was surfing ebay out of boredom, stumbled upon it, couldn't resist the temptation & lost control over my fingers!:biggrin::P
  11. ^^ yippy, congrats CittaBeLLa :yahoo:
  12. Thanks, aaallabama & pewter! I just loooove the leather from the older seasons, they're just divine. I'm also on the hunt for a SS'05 or earlier black work, so if anyone spots one pls let me know.;)
  13. Did the listing get pulled? It says it is no longer available.
  14. I saw that too it's awkward...