05 v 06 Bag, Qualities, Characteristics, please share your experiences

  1. Since there has been a lot of talk lately about the 05 v 06 bags, I thought I'd start a thread. ;)

    To me, the dye seems to have saturated the leather more deeply on the 05 bags than on the 06s. The 06 bags almost "reflect" light, whereas the 05 absorb it. If you ever look at your bags through polarized lenses you can see how matte the 05 bags look and how glossy the 06 bags appear -- I have too much free time huh?? :supacool:

    Ok, here are some pics to kick off the discussion:

    05 craie loaf v 06 blanc satchel:


    05 grenat loaf v 06 rouge satchel:

  2. Ooo, I'll move the color conversation over here too:

    So we are back to the following for 05:

    Vanilla (satchel)
    Tan (satchel, loaf, box)
    Craie (satchel, loaf, box)
    Sable (satchel)
    Bleu Nuit (satchel, loaf, box)
    Chocolat (satchel)
    Grenat (satchel, loaf)
    Rouge (satchel)
    Noir (satchel, rumored loaf?)

    And for 06:

  3. for 06--- anthracite, argent, Navy, dove, aubergine, acier, deep black, black lock paddy combos, gold
  4. An interesting thought hmwe. I dont know if its the lighter color of my craie, but it doesnt appear as reflective/shiny as my 06 chocolat. I shall take family photos one of these days..
  5. bump :wlae:
  6. Thanks hmwe46 for this great information, very educational. I remember reading this almost a year ago but a definite revisit is essential.
  7. Jeans Moyen for '06, right? Or is it same as Dove?

    I have an '06 Jeans Moyen Paddy which is quite matte but it feels & smells like lambskin. My '06 dark gray Paddy in calfskin is more shiny.

    I need to find an '05 Paddy but I keep getting distracted by other bags.
  8. We should chat about '07 leather too! In '07 I bought and returned two paddies because I didn't like the stiff, smooth, thin leather... the quality was really :yucky: compared to my '05 and '06 bags.

    It's random with 'o7 bags though... I have seen a few that have lovely leather. It just seems really hit or miss. I wish Chloe would go back to the old lovely leather.
  9. totally agree - I have seen some 07s that, at first glance, looked fake. I think 05 is the best (that smooshy wrinkly leather), 06s are smoother all around, although some have that wrinkliness. ARGH! What am i trying to say?! ....the leather is still thick, just not as smooshy, but still quite lovely if you get a good one!

    sorry everyone, it's the holidays!
  10. Sorry but I feel "VS" threads are divisive and perhaps that's why this yr-old thread never gained traction :shrugs: IMO someone always feels hurt if they read the bag they own has "characteristics" that aren't considered as "desirable" as another year's. It's not a contest, really.

    :heart: LOVE YOUR BAGS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :party:
  11. true, but we should all feel confident that we chose the bags because we love them! It's like the "chloe is so over" opinions - some people have said really negative things, but i still love chloe (in fact, i'm stroking one of mine with my foot as i type LOL).

    I think this thread was more about documenting the differences between seasonal leather variations... i should have kept my personal opinion out of it :p
  12. ita with the comments on the '07 leather, i have just got a front pocket and the leather seems thin no real grain like my '05's and the inside of the handles are not as well made, i love the colour as it seems to go with everything but i'm not falling in love with it like my others.
  13. I have a 05 vanilla and 06 aubergine. Both have smoochy, soft, nicely smelled leather. Don't own any 07, but went to the stores and find the leather seems to be stiffer, thinner, and not as grainy and soft.
  14. I love the leather on the 06 paddy's(maybe because I have yet to touch an 05). All my Paddy's are 06 and they are all thick and smooshy with wrinkles. I have seen a few 07 paddy's and they just don't have the same visual affect as the 06's I have imho.