05 Turquoise Voyage Low SB

  1. Very nice! Although it looks more like teal...due to fading?
  2. Yeah, what's up with this... it definitely doesn't look like Turquoise 05! I know we discussed it last time... looks kind of more like Teal or Sky Blue. :confused1:
  3. My computer makes it look sky blu, regardless its gorgeous.
  4. My feeling is that its teal - it could also be sky blue, but I doubt it was ever turquoise. Very pretty tho', and looks in really good condition.
  5. the colour doesn't look like turq '05 to me. it looks more like teal?
    cute bag though :P
  6. i have a turq 05 work and teal weekender... and i think, it's really hard to capture the true color. in pics, they look similar if the lighting is not good. but in irl, they are nothing alike. i would definitely ask for pics of the bag in daylight.
  7. i have a turg 05 weekender which i used today,:love: this pix dont look like turq 05 to me....... i will try to find a turq 05 pix i posted and repost here. my tag is 0514A.........it is much richer and darker............
  8. [​IMG]here is my turq 05 weekender :love:
  9. Oh wow, your '05 turq is TDF Chaussure! :love: I don't think this weekender is an '05 turquoise either. Looks like either teal or sky blue... It is so pretty though! I wonder what price it will go to...
  10. thanks pewter!:heart: i take her out for special days. i wore a teal t shirt dress with my dior motorcycle boots today, so she was a perfect accessory!:love: i have 2 sky blue bals and that bag may be sky blue. as to whether it is teal , i defer to esile........
  11. here's teal, which when i photographed (no flash) looked similar to turq 05. i think the best thing is to ask the seller for additional pics taken in daylight.
  12. here's sky blue taken with no flash.
  13. My vote is Sky Blue, especially after seeing Esile & Chaus' photos!!
  14. here's 05 turquoise.