'05 Turquoise Mini Twiggy from a PFer

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  1. tempting.... sooooooo cute ^_^
  2. Very cute! Good luck :jammin:
  3. I have never seen a mini twiggy in person. Is it really small?
  4. ^ it's REALLY cute... :P fits lots too!!...
  5. really cute! love the color, but isn't it quite small? i like my bags big :biggrin:
  6. I LOVE my mini teal twiggy. Believe it or not, I can fit by b wallet (the large long one) , my cometic case, blackberry and bluetooth - without it bulging. I'm going to get a picture of it soon. As soon as I stop carrying my awesome pewter first
  7. Awwwwwwwww thank you ladies for the good wishes :shame: :love: !!

    Thanks pewter for posting :heart: :heart: :heart:
  8. Here are a couple of pictures of my mini teal - and what's inside. the last pic of a first with the same contents.

  9. pewter first [​IMG]
  10. and finally my collection :smile:

  11. gorgeous collection, Rocco!

    and the turquoise is TDF!!! i hope someone from PF gets it!
  12. Sorry to go off topic slightly but I love your Marigold Mini Classique Rocco :love: Been watching it on eBay....so tempting:graucho::drool:
  13. WOW ... that's great rocco :nuts: !! Thank you so much for sharing your pics and showing the comparison between the different sizes !! I absolutely agree that the mini twiggy holds a lot of stuff :yes: - as much as a classique first.
    Btw: you've GORGEOUS bags :drool: - I also like the truffle day ;)
  14. THanks - it DOES hold a lot! and that turquoise - Omy to DIE for. I added a couple more pics to the auction with me holding it (head cut off - stomach photoshoped out )

    that's actually a green hobo - didn't comeout so well in those photos here's a better one. I'm inclined to keep the marigold - it goes so well with the green hobo!
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