'05 TURQUOISE Mini BostonTwiggy :-)

  1. Does anyone think it might be the 05 teal, rather than turquoise? The turquoise swatch on atelier.naff looks more blue than the picture.
  2. Roxane, I think it IS the '05 turquoise not teal, IMO :yes: ! Anyone else ?
  3. Oh man. I have been wanting this bag for awhile :love:
  4. I don't know, i have the feeling something it's not right, the seller had another balenciagas wich one of those the pic he uses was in i offer, i am not 100% but...i hope it's ok.
  5. I have this bag in that style & it is soo cute!! I hope someone here gets it!
  6. sooo cute, i just saw someone at the coffee shop with a 05 turqoise city and it was TDF!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. is everyone certain it is real?