'05 Turquoise First

:yahoo: This seller is wonderful! I bought my beautiful Indigo City from her, and I am going to try and get this one too. I love the 05 Turquoise color, and I have been waiting for a mint City to come up, so I could buy it and sell my twiggy (which is too long for me). But since this came up I would like to give the First style a try!
It's reaaaaaaaaaaaally nice Deana... let's be Turq05 First twins!!! :P
You know I would love to! I have to say I have followed all of Beverly's personal choices since I first came to the pf and met her. I remember seeing her family photos and drooling over them thinking, these are all the exact colors I would love to have! I have been fortunate enough to become friends with her, to adopt two of her gorqeous bags, and she is always willing to give me good advice! Oh and I can't forget, she sends my daughters and I yummy chocolates that I can't get in the states! Thanks for being such a great friend Bev!
Aww *blush* you'v been awesome too. I'll send you the chocs I promised when I'm back in AU!

So are you going to get this pretty Turq First? I'm trying to sell off my Turq Mini Twiggy now to make room for my new Turq First :P
:shame: Thanks you guys! You will be the first to know if I am lucky enough to get her!
If you have noticed my signature, my turq Twiggy was shipped out yesterday. If I had any doubts of the power of Bal bags, I do not now! I knew after having the Twiggy a couple of weeks that the style just wasn't for me, but up to this very moment the agony over knowing I should let it go has not left me. I had some crazy thoughts, the craziest being to take it to a leather repair man and reconstructing the leather into a shorter bag. NUTS YOU SAY? YES I AGREE, INSANE!!! I know most of you are picking yourselves up from the floor after fainting, but I loved this leather and color sooo much, it was sheer agony to let her go. I think I will feel the pain until I have the perfect 05 turq bag to replace it!