05 Turquoise First

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  1. gosh that is beautiful!
  2. Nice bag but the description makes me laugh. She says low starting bid because the bidders will determine the cost. But yet, there is a reserve on the bag. So I guess the seller is determining the price.
  3. ^^^ i agree about the description

    the color is gorgeous!
  4. i wish this was a city!!! i really love the colour but keep waiting for the city to appear:smile:
  5. Can anyone shed some light about whether there should be concern that if you look at the bid history everyone who bid is "bidder1", "bidder2", "bidder3", etc?

    Sorry if it's a stupid question...
  6. No that isn't a stupid question...looks like shilling. Plus they aren't even trying to hide it! I guess if they think nobody is going to notice, then it is fine. I hope that isn't a member here.
  7. Are you sure it's shilling? It looks from the bid times as if people are bidding in increments until they pass the high bidder.
  8. :smartass: It's not shill bidding - it's the new way ebay shows bidders (on ebay UK at least). We had a message from ebay saying they were trying to protect identity of bidders until the auction has ended to protect the bidders from approaches from scam and spam emails and the like. Rather than show the bidders ebay name, each bidder is given a unique number and then once it's all over, all will be revealed....I will see if I can attach the message from ebay about it here......
  9. ^^
    ahh.. very interesting. Because I thought it was weird everyone was just called bidder 1, bidder 2, etc.

    Thought if they were shill bidding they'd be smarter about masking it!
  10. Wow, very interesting, balchlfen!!! I guess all this bogus second chance offer, etc. stuff has gotten really out of hand? But why reveal the names at all when the same stuff can happen after sales? I think I'd prefer it this way with no names at all!
  11. Thanks for that link. I wonder if they will impliment that in the USA?
  12. I've just re-read it again and I think that none of the non-winning bidders true id's ever get revealed - only that of the winning bidder will be shown after the auction ends...:confused1: It's not very clear. Not sure how much it will help with all the spam emails and stuff but I guess at least Ebay are trying to do something to help at last :yes:
  13. I got a message from ebay about it and I'm in Canada.:yes: