05 Turquoise First Staring $950 Bin $999

  1. gorgeous!!!:tender:
  2. it's beautiful! thanks for posting, lulu!!!!
  3. That leather looks amazing!
  4. It's one of our Pfers!! Good luck girl!
  5. WOW that is gorgeous, feel free to buy eliza a Valentines day gift...!
  6. :drool: me loves this colour hehehe its such a beautiful bag! :drool:
  7. i want this so bad.....but i can't justify buying another bag until the stupid seller refund my money for the 05 turq fedex left at my door steps =(
  8. Is that a good deal?
  9. ^^ past two 05 turq first sold at around ~1k last month. can't say it's a super good deal, but can't say it's a bad one. =P