05 Turquoise First BIN: US $1,099.00

  1. that is an excellent price! OK- so.. who is gonna be the lucky winner today?!?!
  2. it's beautiful! the only problem is they only accept bank wire transfer...
  3. Wanting a first... loving the turq.... waiting for teal.....

    What to do???? :shrugs:
  4. Yeah, no dice on the wire transfer... I need recourse!
  5. Ok I really want to bid but I am afraid of money transfer....what do you guys think??
  6. wire transfer? damn... thats a good price though.
  7. Wire transfer..mmm, not sure, you never know, i prefer paypal.
  8. Me too....anything else worries me, but it's not a bad price....
  9. whoever's interested in this bag should see if the seller will be willing to take paypal.
    all i know is that there are certain countries where paypal doesn't work, but i think hong kong should be okay?
  10. 0o0o00o wow!!! thats a good price... i hope someone gets it!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
  11. It's gorgeous!!! OMG! But, big yikerooni on the direct wire transfer...
  12. Beautiful bag but I agree, the wire-transfer only payment option is somewhat disconcerting.
  13. There is good feedback though...a little encouraging
  14. So I emailed the seller about paypal & this is the reply she sent me:

    I¡¦m sorry but I can¡¦t accept paypal. I used to accept paypal before but had bad
    experience. I still have $1200 frozen in my Paypal account for no reason (since May05),
    and it is reasonable I don¡¦t want to sell something and never be able to get back my
    money. Sorry for any inconvenience, but when you pay by wire transfer, you can trace
    back my bank account and the bank has all my personal details. So IF and only if anything
    goes wrong, it¡¦s actually safer for you