05 Turquoise First $1250

  1. what a gorgeous color!!! wow.
  2. Similtaneous postings by you and Roxane. Very swift!

    Firstclass, this is absolutely gorgeous, but please focus back on the Rose Twiggy!
  3. It looks gorgeous! I just wish more sellers would consider offers. ~sigh~
  4. where are the photos? i only see one.
  5. 0o0o0 it looks like my one - hehehehehe! i love this colour so yummy... GET IN MY BELLY!!!
  6. Lazy perhaps? Anyway, I have bought from her before, and I think a few other PFers have too – she sells genuine BBags and is a sweetheart!
  7. Maybe it's a listing error because from the description it sounds like she had more photos.
  8. ARGH! I really want this...but I also have my sights set on a Blueberry Day. What should I do???
  9. Looks like it is already gone ... and wow ... that color *does* remind me so much of the Blue India! Stylefly, maybe you should look at a Blue India first?
  10. Actually- now I have my sights on a few Teals:graucho:
    I prefer the older leathers...