05 Turquoise classique BIN 1179

  1. This is such a good price for this color and condition! I just bought a planet in this color, and it is just a beautiful color ... so rich and jewel-like. I wish I wasn't so overextended now....:crybaby:
  2. Oh... LOVE the color... Sigh, every day I see more and more bags I want!!!
  3. Wow -- stunning color and leather!
  4. Aww, gone already!
  5. I am surprised it lasted that long. It was really pretty.

  6. Awesome! Where did you get your planet?
  7. Did someone from here get the bag? I love it!
  8. Hi! I just saw this topic and thought I would respond. I am the lucky winner of this bag. I don't post on this forum as much as I should, but maybe that will change in the future. This bag has been #2 on my want list for awhile now.

    The division of the company I work for was recently sold off, but our parent company surprised us with bonus checks this week, which was completely unexpected (we don't typically get those until March). I came home from work tonight and started surfing eBay...and there she was :drool:. I just had to go for it! I'm sure my boyfriend will tell me that was not a good use of my money, but you girls will understand, right? :yahoo:
  9. Oh congrats Amber and Welcome! That bag is soo gorgeous! :drool: It's certainly money well spent. :yes: :yahoo:
  10. Congrats..the bag is TDF!!!
  11. I got my planet from Susan's in CA. It was the last one they had in that color. I think they have a grey one as well - you might want to call if you're interested. (I did my transaction over the phone). It was $280 plus $20 shipping
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