05 Turquoise City!!!

  1. omg...GORGEOUS! wish there were more pics tho.

    let the bidding war begin!
  2. It is upsetting that the seller promised me to add a buy it now at 850 this morning, then she raised the price and sold it at 1000 to someone else. :cursing:
    I know this is business, but she should keep her words... not trustworthy at all :hysteric:
  3. I agree, that isn't right but money talks. The funny thing is had she waited and let the auction play out she probably could have gotten a lot more than 1000. :lol: This fight over the older colors is one I don't intend to enter into. The prices are just crazy and the new spring colors may be similar to some of the older colors that are so desirable.
  4. OMG!!! it's a GREAT bag! i'm willing to pay for more than 1000 for that :drool:

  5. Ohh catlady - I'm so sorry what happened to you :crybaby: ! Please don't be sad - there will be another beautiful turquoise which is meant to be yours ;) :yes: . Good luck :flowers:
  6. Thank you firstclass you are so sweet :heart:
  7. Good for you! I know most collector's don't like the new bags but it's great if you like them and don't get caught up in the fight for the older colors. :yes:
  8. I think that is despicable. If she wanted 1K, she could easily have told you that was her price, and let you do the BIN, or not. And since you asked for the BIN, she at least should have given you the option to either BIN or pass, on the increased price. Honestly, it's amazing to me how the pure love of money makes people act unethically.

    And I agree with powderpuff, had she let the auction play out she would have gotten much more. Ironic.
  9. I don't think she had any idea what a gold mine she actually had there! She had also told me $850 and I pressed her for more pictures but never heard back from her. I had gone ahead and bid but when my bid was cancelled I figured someone who didn't know her BIN offered her even more and she jumped at it. If I wasn't nervous about buying based on the photos she had up I would have made an offer to, I just didn't feel comfortable about buying off of ebay. My luck, she didn't actually have the bag or something. Just as well...I really don't need to pay for another bag right now!
  10. I feel sorry for the seller. She got hoodwinked!
  11. After reading the posts here I decided to let the seller know I wasn't happy with the way I was treated. I'm sure it won't accomplish anything but as the high bidder I would have appreciated the opportunity to purchase the bag, I told her that I was ready to purchase the bag today, I just didn't make an offer. I also told her that she probably would have gotten closer to $1,500 if she hadn't ended the auction, guess that was mean...:cursing:
  12. She cancelled your bid? DOG. a few hundred bucks - hope she feels better -
  13. Yeah, we should all write and tell her I'll offer 1200 then somebody 1400 and so on. She how "loyal" she is to the $1,000.00 bidder ;()
  14. Yes, I got the message that my bid was cancelled and saw that she ended it because of an "error in pricing". I had sent her three messages, and was ready to purchase it, I just wanted to know for sure that she had the bag in her possession since there weren't many photos.